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My Voice of Epilepsy

We hear the word and many either cringe or imagine of what it is. Others shrug there shoulders because it’s not an issue they need to deal with.

For short pending on what kind of seizure it is they all in time are life threatening. It’s all neurological and all that get them feel some same symptoms or more lethal then others.

But one thing is common we do feel that’s helplessness at times… alone… depression due to meds… anti social… list goes on.

In my case I’ll be straight. I fear dying while having one. Reason being because no one can hear me. As I’m having a seizure my body has no control. I have no control of what’s going on. I can’t scream or yell for help. My heart races and air intake is cut drastically.

So imagine yourself running as fast as you can but not breathing…

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